Board Members of PUSD: A United Front Serving the Community and its Kids

Tina Seeley and Maureen Erickson, Governing Board Members for Prescott Unified School District, bring a collective wealth of experience in education to their service within the District.  Both find that working closely with fellow Board members and superintendents have given them unique perspectives that they otherwise might not have had when they were both working as educators, in Prescott for Seeley and in Fairfax County, VA for Erickson.

Others on the Board can attest that both women have the children’s and district’s best interests at heart through their intentions to make everyone involved experience a bright future.  Says Seeley, “I love PUSD. Everyone in our District works super hard for our kids, and we all want what’s best for them, our employees and our community.”  Erickson agrees, “Without a doubt, our Board members have remained focused on doing what is right for students and personnel. Personal agendas are never part of the equation, which gives each of us a feeling of respect and confidence in one another.”

Erickson’s 32-year history of domestic and overseas teaching experience lent itself to her election to serve a four-year term as a member of the Governing Board in 2011. Her second term will end December 2018.  Seeley was originally elected to the PUSD Board in November 2008, and is serving currently in her third four-year term.  Serving on the Board requires time and commitment, yet each woman has distinctions outside of the classroom. In addition to her education experience, Erickson is a published author of several books related to education enhancement, teaching strategies, and business-education partnerships.  And, Seeley currently owns National Realty of Prescott and has been in the real estate industry for 17 years, even though she started as a teacher at [then] Granite Mountain Middle School in 1992.

The rewards of serving on a Board where opinions are respected and heard are balanced by a handful of challenges that face many districts today: budget cuts and related consequences. Drastic cuts to the education budget and dramatic changes in the restructuring of the district has had its ups and downs. Seeley believes that the worst is over, however.  “Luckily I think we have survived the storm and are holding steady now with our enrollment numbers. The passing of the bond and override were also a huge boost from our community in a time of need.” Erickson has seen the differences on both coasts, “I retired from a very large school system in Virginia. Resources were abundant, opportunities for students were amazing, teacher pay was not a big issue and respect for public education was a given.  When I moved to Arizona, it wasn’t in my life plan to run for the Board, but I couldn’t help from speaking out and wanting more for students and school personnel.”

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Author: PrescottWomanMagazine

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