Putting the Patient First with a Concierge Model for Personalized Care and Preventive Wellness

By Tara Fort

When Kurt and Debbie Krupnick moved to Prescott, they knew they wanted a change from the way they were running their healthcare practices in Vermont.  There they saw multiple patients per day, and stayed up all night charting patient notes after putting their young children to bed.  Once in Prescott, Kurt, an internist for 19 years, started working with Yavapai Regional Medical Center where he was named Doctor of the Year in 2012; and Debbie, a Nurse Practitioner, opened Sirius Health and Wellness in 2014.  Determined to move away from the hospitalist routine, Kurt has recently opened Krupnick Enhanced Medical Care in February 2017, and easily broadened the scope of patients seen by the collaboration of their combined practices.

Prescott has proven to be ready for what the Krupnicks offer through the concierge medicine platform.  Kurt explains, “The concierge membership-based model works well for those with multiple issues who want to be heard and have access to a live person at any time. With internal medicine, we see people with multiple problems, and most people only have the chance to talk about one thing during the average 15-minute time slot. They don’t have time to talk about other ailments. ” With the concierge membership model, patients have premium access to Kurt via cell or text 24/7, unhurried appointments, and coverage by many insurance companies. Adds Kurt, “My appointments are an hour long; I get to know people and discuss all the issues. My practice gives me the opportunity to deal with a smaller number of patients, yet oversee more of the issues that might fall through the cracks.  Patients can be monitored for an ongoing period of time before ailments become extreme.  We really just want to prevent them from getting sick, and we want all systems to be in place.”

With only a few concierge membership-based medical care options in Prescott, both Krupnicks are confident they cater to the specialized niche that Prescott is seeking: a personalized, in-depth approach to healthcare, customized to each individual’s history, needs and concerns.   The concierge model with Krupnick Enhanced Medical Care costs $2,000 annually (or $3600 per couple), and the advantages are many.  With a satisfaction guarantee, a potential client starts with a complimentary Meet and Greet with Dr. Krupnick and assessment of available options. Upon joining, benefits include a total health assessment and evaluations with a dietician and a personal trainer in the private gym located in the medical office.  For those who prefer seeing a Nurse Practitioner, Debbie’s practice through Sirius Health and Wellness offers similar options for a minimal annual administrative fee, as well.

The Krupnicks concur that many patients do not realize the options that are available, and often do not know how to advocate on their own behalf. Debbie states, “We have always been of the premise ‘Who would we go to, or who would we send our family member to?’  Kurt is unusual in that sense because he’s such a patient advocate.  You see NPs advocating for their patients a lot, but not always with physicians.  Kurt is very, very much an advocate. Our practices make sense. We tell our patients that it’s really all about making the best of your life out of the rest of your life.”

Both Kurt and Debbie feel that their specialized, individualized care offers the most benefits to the patient. In addition to those with multiple ailments, the model is appealing to those who are self-employed or have limited insurance coverage.  Kurt states, “I can address issues today that might be borderline hospital admission, bring the patient back in tomorrow and the next day, and keep a close eye on those issues so hospitalization is avoided.” Debbie adds, “As a provider, it’s not good medicine to spend just 15 minutes with the patient. What we have now is perfect.  In my practice, I love knowing about my patients and their families, and we want people to feel good and be as healthy as they can be.”

Krupnick Enhanced Medical Care is located in The Crossings at 3181 Clearwater Drive, Suite B in Prescott. For more information visit and

Author: PrescottWomanMagazine

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