Lynx Creek Ruin Trail #301

By Amanda Lane,

Owner The Hike Shack

It seems especially hard to get motivated to go outside during the winter months. The Lynx Creek Ruin Hike is by far one of the simplest adventures in the area and perfect if you just need to drag the kids, or yourself, out of the house for an hour. To get there, take Walker Road about 1.5 miles; make a left hand turn down the dirt road. There is a sign for the trailhead on Walker Road. Ample parking spaces, picnic benches and bathrooms are available. The parking fee is $5 at the trailhead. The hike is only a little over a mile out, and back. You should also beware; this trail is a hiking only trail. The trail takes you to a great observation deck that sits on top of a prehistoric ruin. The observation deck not only allows you to see the site from above, but the 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains as well. The site consists of some rock walls that formed a pueblo once upon a time.

This spot was just what my nephew needed to relieve a little cabin fever; well, maybe it was me who needed the escape, either way, it was perfect. There are lots of informative signs on the trail (we read each one) and a half a dozen benches along the way. Several new trails go in and out in this area. One of them headed east from #301 and we decided to see where it would take us. We found ourselves winding thru the pinions, manzanita, and junipers; down toward the creek. The trail ended on the dirt road we came in on. about .5 mile from the parking area.We just went right and walked the road back up to our truck, after checking out the creek. It’s not very often in Prescott you find a creek with water in it, so we couldn’t resist. We probably hiked less than 3 miles and spent a couple hours getting some fresh air and a little exercise.  You can see Lynx Lake from the trail on the way back.  Just knowing it was so close, we had to swing by after our hike and do a little rock skipping before we headed back into town. The Lynx Creek Ruin Hike is so short and simple I never thought about writing about it. After our adventure yesterday, I decided that maybe we all need to be reminded that getting outside doesn’t have to be complicated or epic; it can be short and simple and still be very rewarding.

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Author: PrescottWomanMagazine

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