Random Art Gallery offers “Humanity with a sense of humor”

“Humanity with a sense of humor!”

That’s how Allison Kantor describes her eclectic downtown Prescott art gallery.

Random Art is located at 214 N. McCormick Street, right where the road bends around the corner going from downtown to Prescott College. The large steel sculpture of a tall bird along the road marks this unique collection of arts and artisans.

Allison combines her life’s works in the gallery. She has been painting for as long as she can remember, and has memories of painting the walls of her bedroom while grounded for misbehaving. She has also worked as a registered nurse (RN) for 46 years.

Her paintings are light and funny, a good balance to the work she encounters during her life in the health care world.

“My art is not still life,” she says. “It’s all about people.”

In addition to paintings, Random Art includes a collection of three-dimensional works and these characters have evolved into Prescott Potheads that are meant to adorn plants throughout a home or office.

These so-called Prescott Potheads, have a variety of whimsical names and faces:  Gerry Atric;  Aunt Tique;  Herb;  Fun Gus; and Jane Fondu, just to name a few! Over the past 3 years, Allison estimates that she has created more than 250 Prescott Potheads.
Allison is not the only artist in the building that houses Random Art. In addition, this building is home to a large-scale commercial photography studio operated by local photographer and jazz drummer Larry Kantor.

“He’s often my muse,” Allison says of Larry. “80 percent of what I do is inspired by him, or with him.”

And what about the hours at Random Art? Well, they are kind of random too…

Random Art, 214 N. McCormick St., Prescott, open randomly and by appointment…928.308.7355. Please visit www.randomart.biz 

Author: PrescottWomanMagazine

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