Spring Ahead with an Organized Home
by I Organize 4 You

Ever since she was a small girl, Maryanne Kelly has taken great satisfaction in tidying up her surroundings. More than once, she used her free time to organize and clean up the family garage.
“I’ve always enjoyed having things neat and organized,” Kelly said. “It’s very satisfying to have things in order. My life feels lighter, and I am not distracted by things.”

As a professional organizer, and the owner/operator of I Organize 4 You, Kelly helps other people who have not found this level of peace and may be distracted by clutter and disorganization in their homes or offices.

“So many of my clients are delighted by the results and it’s like a huge weight off their shoulders,” she said.

Over the years, Kelly and her team of organizers have worked with all kinds of circumstances and levels of disorganization. Kelly has helped people with hoarding problems, “But we go about it in a different way than you might have seen on television programs,” she said.  The vast majority of her clients are people who just want help getting their space in order.

“Maybe they have a closet so full and disorganized that they can’t find a pair of boots from last year,” Kelly said. “Or, they have a pantry that is so overflowing that they don’t know what they have. We can help.”

Kelly holds a license as a counselor and therapist in other states where she has worked in the past. She carries that experience and compassion into all of her organization work.

Oftentimes, clutter and disorganization are things that have built up over the years. People with disorganized spaces often feel overwhelmed about how to start the clean up process. Other times, people may feel embarrassment or shame about the situation, she says.

Kelly works with the highest level of sensitivity with all of her clients, something that is apparent after visiting with her for only a short time.

“We are totally accepting of everyone,” Kelly said. “We try to get the emotions out of the way and focus on the task at hand. The whole idea is that there is a satisfying and joyful outcome.”
Oftentimes, Kelly and her team work with homeowners who are planning to sell their homes and need help packing closets, pantries and storage spaces into moving boxes.  They can also help unpack with an organized result.  Again, packing up a family home can bring a wide variety of deep emotions.

“We can help people deal with letting go,” Kelly said.

Kelly offers clients a few options. If the client prefers to not be involved in the process, I Organize 4 You can come in to the home, complete all the work, and provide a finished result to the homeowner.

More often, Kelly and her team work side by side with the client and make sure the client is able to make all decisions about spaces, rooms, and items.

“We do the work and they make the decisions, but we make the decisions easy for them,” she said. “We make certain it’s done their way. We enjoy the one on one contact with the client.”

For those who want to do the work themselves, Kelly can work with them to create a plan that is easy to follow and can produce better organized spaces and systems in the home.

One of the advantages of having the organizers and clients work together is that the homeowner can learn tips, advice, and a new way of dealing with all the things that we can acquire during life. In fact, clients can save time and money by completing many tasks in between visits from the organizers, she said.

I Organize 4 You offers all initial consultations at no charge, and is offering a new client special of 4 hours for $99*.

For more information, please call (928) 227-8184, email info@IOrganize4You.com, or visit www.IOrganize4You.com; *offer expires 5/31/17.

Author: PrescottWomanMagazine

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