Total Joint Replacements Now Offered as Outpatient Surgery

New POSC program could save millions in costs

In 2015, healthcare costs in the United States topped $3.2 trillion. Patient out of pocket spending reached $486 billion.

Per CDC data, the six largest healthcare costs are hospitals (32%), physicians and clinical services (19.8%), retail medical products (13.5%), prescription drugs (10.1%), nursing care and retirement care facilities (4.9%), and dental services (3.8%). These costs alone account for $2.7 trillion.

With continued healthcare cost increases, a local ambulatory surgery center strives to help patients save more.

In addition to providing convenience, outstanding patient experience, and quality service, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) such as Prescott Outpatient Surgical Center (POSC), save American taxpayers and patients billions of dollars annually. ASC’s also help hospitals reserve operating room capacity for more complex surgery and less healthy patients who are at higher risk for complications.

POSC estimates that local patients have saved over $160,000,000 since 1986 when it opened. More than 114,000 surgical procedures have been performed including orthopaedics, ENT, GYN, urology, cardiology, plastic surgery, general surgery, oral surgery, podiatry, pain, and spine. As new techniques and technologies evolve, more complex surgeries can be safely and efficiently done in an outpatient setting.

POSC is one of the first ASC’s in Arizona to offer total joint replacements. Patients covered by select commercial insurance plans may now have shoulders, hips, and knees replaced by our surgeons from Orthopaedic Specialists of Central Arizona (OSCA). Additional commercial insurance plans will be added in the near future, with Medicare and AHCCCS anticipated to be approved in 2018.

Safety and positive outcomes are comparable to total joint replacements performed in hospitals. With 7,000 total joints completed in ASC’s in 2016, 96% of these otherwise healthy patients were discharged the day of surgery. An estimated 30-50% of all total joint replacement candidates are appropriate for ASC settings.

The average cost for total joint replacements in hospitals in the U.S. is in the vicinity of $50,000. POSC’s charges will be about 35% of that amount (for facility fees only). In the past 12 months, POSC surgeons have completed 224 total joint replacement surgeries on patients covered by the three largest commercial plans. If 40% of those procedures were done at POSC, these patients would account for combined savings of more than $2 million each year. Some patients report that Arizona hospital costs can be higher than the nation’s average, so savings may be even higher.

With the volume of total joint replacements projected to increase by more than 500% in the next decade as baby boomers age, POSC’s new program is a great addition to healthcare options for the Prescott area.


Prescott Outpatient Surgical Center is located at 815 Ainsworth Drive in Prescott. Their phone number is (928) 778-9770. Website is and Facebook is



Author: PrescottWomanMagazine

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