Women in Business: How to Organize Your Clothes Closet with I Organize 4 You

Have you ever been afraid you’ll open your closet and be buried by an avalanche?  Do you feel overwhelmed and guilty, or get a sinking feeling just looking inside?  You can evict those jumbled monsters for good, feeling relief, satisfaction, and peace of mind! I Organize 4 You can help!

Turn ‘Overwhelmed’ into ‘I can do it!’

It might seem difficult to sort through your belongings and let go of what you no longer need, but it doesn’t have to be.  These steps will help you do it easily and without anguish.  Take the time to visualize what it will look like and how you’ll feel when it’s all neat and organized.  Your new mantra is, ‘I can do it!’

Step 1: Keep it short and sweet.

Put on some happy music and surround yourself with aromatherapy.  Plan to work just 15-30 minutes a day if you want.  Take one step at a time, and don’t make any decisions until Step 4.

Step 2: Remove what doesn’t belong.

If you have the space, clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and bed linens might stay.  But what about the photos, paperwork, gifts, and bags of mystery items?  Remove anything that doesn’t belong, and sort it into piles that go to other rooms.  Don’t take out more than you can handle in your time limit, and don’t make any decisions about what to keep.  Just put things away in their proper place.

Repeat this step until only closet items remain.

Step 3: Put similar things together.

Put like things together – pants, short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, t-shirts, jackets, and sleepwear should each have their own section unless they can be folded in a drawer.  Again, make no decisions now – just sort!

Step 4:  Choose your ‘Keeps’.

Choose one group from Step 3.  Evaluate each item separately and keep it if:

  1. a) You love it
  2. b) It fits and is flattering AND
  3. c) It’s in good condition (i.e., no holes, pilling, or stains).

Step 5:  Let go of what you don’t need.

Set aside empty boxes or bags labeled ‘donate,’ ‘sell,’ and ‘decide later.’  With the remaining items from Step 4 (one category at a time), identify what:

  1. a) You didn’t wear in the last year
  2. b) You don’t have good feelings about
  3. c) You’re saving in case you gain weight or lose weight
  4. d) Is out of style OR
  5. d) Is a duplicate (after all, how many pairs of navy slacks do you need?)

Put things that meet ANY of these criteria into the donate/sell bags.  If you’re unsure, put it in the ‘decide later’ pile, to revisit after you’ve finished the rest of the closet.   It will be much easier to go through those at the end after you’ve completed all of the categories.  Do some items have sentimental value but you need to let go?  Take a picture of them – it will take up less room!

Repeat Step 5 with every category in the closet.

Step 6:  Organize the rest.

Put shoes in an over-the-door or hanging shoe bag, or in stackable clear, plastic boxes.  All handbags and out of season clothes can go in clear plastic containers, belts can hang from a belt hanger, and bed linens or containers can go on the shelf.  Jewelry can go in flat, adjustable bead organizers.  Don’t forget to make use of inside door or wall space – hooks or over-the-door hangers can hold anything.  Current sleepwear can be folded and placed by your pillow before making the bed.

NOTE:  Most people get hung up and distracted by trying to make decisions before Step 4.  Memories and feelings can also interfere and make organizing harder.  It’s important to only do one step at a time, and look at items objectively.  This is not a time for reminiscing, wishing you were thinner or thinking about how much you paid for something.  Be ruthless – you’ll do yourself a favor!

Happy organizing!

For more tips and organizing assistance, contact Maryanne Kelly and I Organize 4 You, LLC at 928-227-8184 or info@IOrganize4You.com.  View our website for all of our services, rates, testimonials, and more at IOrganize4You.com.

Author: PrescottWomanMagazine

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