On this month’s episode, you’ll learn a lot about the heart and how a local “rock star” Cardiac Electrophysiologist is using the latest hi-tech methods, collaborative leadership, and deep compassion to heal hearts and people.

Welcome to the Prescott Woman Podcast, the monthly audio companion to Prescott Woman Magazine. Hosts Kelly Roberge and Charles Matheus are a curious couple who explore the rich array of talent, personality, and engagement they find throughout the Quad Cities.  Each episode engages in a relaxed and inquisitive conversation with the people featured in the pages of Prescott Woman Magazine, discovering more about how they are working to make our community better.

This month we get to spend an hour with a woman who is a smart and accomplished cardiac physician, but what we came away with was the unshakable sense of her incredibly powerful love and compassion as a healer, family member, and leader in our community.

Dr. Nisha Tung is a Cardiac Electrophysiologist – a self-described electrician of the heart –  at Yavapai Regional Medical Center here in Prescott.  She went to med school in India and did residencies in North Dakota and Indiana before landing fellowships at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and at UCLA.  She was recruited by YRMC to develop the state-of-the-art cardiology program and facility that opened in August of 2015.

A long way from her native India, Dr. Tung tells us about the grit it took for her to get here, the joy her work and patients bring her, and what community means.  We find out what a cardiac electrophysiologist IS, and take a bit of a dive into the technical side of modern heart medicine. We also find out what kind of little girl Dr. Tung was and how both family tragedy and traditions have influenced the path of her career. Stay tuned until the end for a slightly emotional moment AND for a critical heart-health tip for women.

Show Notes: