Do you love the Grammy Awards? Or the Nobel Prize? Well right here in the Quad Cities, we have an award that is kind of a combination of the two. The Prescott ATHENA Award honors our very own hometown rockstar genius women who embody the powerful, responsive, collaborative Leadership and Service we need today.

Today we talk with Prescott Woman Magazine owner/publisher Breeanya Hinkel, who was instrumental in bringing this International award to the Quad Cities. She tells about where the Athena Award comes from and what it signifies.

Then we hear from Bonnie Stevens, one of the major sponsors of the award and event – she also happens to be a 2012 Flagstaff Athena Award recipient, so she knows what she’s talking about!

Last but not least we hear from Robyn Allen, 2022 Prescott ATHENA Award Recipient, and director of SUZE’S Prescott Center for the Arts. Robyn helped pave the way for volunteerism through the theater during the ongoing COVID pandemic.

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