An adventurous conversation with Amanda Foster

Do you spend every minute you can outdoors?  Do you love adventure? Does time among the trees and dirt and sky recharge your batteries?
OR, are you feeling a little sluggish and penned up, and do you wish you spent more time outside?
Our guest, Amanda Foster, is a 2nd generation Prescottonian who has worked in the outdoor industry for over 25 years. She’s an outdoor educator and mentor and advocates who love seeing others fall in love with wilderness, knowing they will also want to protect our natural treasures.
As the owner of the Hike Shack, Amanda is a pillar of the local business community and in her free time, she continues to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. Hiking and trail running, bow hunting, fly fishing, river rafting, dirt biking are just a few.  She tells us how spending time outdoors helps her stay sane and how matching the right people to the activity makes it more fun and sustainable.
Amanda shares the smart way to get started outdoors, for those of us who are indoor cats, like me,  and some really important dos and don’ts for everyone.
If you are interested in how human well-being, the natural world, and community intersect, you’ll love this talk with Amanda Foster.
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