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For the Love of Running

Local runners share their favorite things about hitting the trail By Hilary Dartt Local runners Cindy Rollins and Jessica Leary have been friends since they met through a local running club in January 2011. They ran a 31-mile steady hill climb, the Crown King Scramble...

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 Safe Screen Time

Six Ways to Help Your Kids Build Healthy Social Media Habits Screens and social media are everywhere. From virtual school assignments to viral videos on YouTube, our children are experiencing more screen time than ever before. According to Common Sense Media, children...

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Living with Lupus

“Lupies” Share What it’s Like to Experience this Lifelong Disease By Rakini Chinery To understand what living with Lupus is like, a person must first know what it is. Many people have never heard of Lupus, and since science hasn’t been able to figure out a cause, let...

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