How does a hand UP help a family and our community? How does stable, affordable housing impact life? Find out how our featured Quad Cities nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity works to give families a fighting chance, not only to survive but to become valuable contributors to our community.

Alice Ayers and Gail Martin have both worked at Prescott Area Habitat for years because they continue to be moved by the mission that provides struggling families with real hope. Alyce is the Director of Community Relations and Events, responsible for getting the message OUT and drawing more support IN. Gail is Director of Volunteers Services and gets to place community members in purposeful, meaningful roles like building houses, supporting the Habitat ReStore, and so on. Both Alyce and Gail are joyful evangelists for the work Habitat does to make decent housing available to as many people as possible, here in our community. They have both witnessed the miraculous transformations that can happen when families move into a home that they actually own.

In this episode of the Prescott Woman Podcast, we talk about the joys this work provides them, the current challenges that Habitat is facing, and how we can all lend a hand.

Grab your hammers and let’s go!

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