Are you ready for a really frank discussion about your undercarriage? Are you ready for some real talk about keeping ourselves, our kids, and our communities safe from sexually transmitted infections? Our featured nonprofit story this month is about Northland Cares, the local HIV/AIDS and STI education, care, and prevention service.

Living with HIV/AIDS is vastly different today than it was 20 or 30 years ago.  It’s no longer a death sentence for people who have access to care.  But people of all walks of life and all ages in our community are still becoming infected with HIV and all the other sexually communicable infections.  Northland Cares is showing up every day to provide judgment-free treatment, support, education, and prevention for all of us.

Guest Bio:
Our guest today is Hedda Fay, Community Outreach and Program Manager for Northland Cares.  She is an LCNA, she’s worked as a case manager in the field since 2018, and she is an excellent educator, as you’ll find out.  She proves that it’s possible to make difficult subjects easy to talk about and she models how to bring warmth and honesty to a very personal side of healthcare.