Featuring Innovative Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Tidroski

What would it mean to you or your family to have a doctor who really listens, who cares deeply, and who meets you where you are?
In this time of managed care, when medical visits are pared down like airplane seats, we got to talk with a pediatrician who insists on serving the whole family with a range of options that range from mainstream medicine to alternative treatments and good old-fashioned emotional support.
Dr. Jennifer Tidrosky has been a pediatrician for 10 years and has lived in Prescott for 5 years with her husband and daughter. Dr. T works at Ponderosa Pediatrics, which is part of the Dignity Health-Yavapai Regional Medical Group. She’s a D.O. or Osteopath, and she’s training in Reiki, as well.  When she’s not working, Dr. T enjoys Prescott’s beautiful hiking trails and taking in the art either by visiting galleries, shows on the square, or dabbling in her own paint.
Dr. T is also a member and advocate for the Vaccinate with Confidence campaign.  The endeavor addresses parental attitudes and perceptions associated with vaccines to counter the spread of vaccine misinformation that adversely affects children and families in Yavapai County.
The messaging and imagery is designed to show families what these infectious diseases can look like, remind them that these are serious diseases that can include a number of serious immediate and long-term complications, and express that the best way to protect the people they care about is to keep their family’s immunization status up to date.
Stay tuned to hear a lively, laughter-filled, information-rich conversation about what family medicine can be like.