Non-Profit Corner

Featuring local organizations that give back to the community.

Seen, Safe, and Equipped to Move Into a Better Place

The Coalition for Compassion and Justice’s Team of Problem Solvers Takes an Agile, Personalized Approach to Helping the Most Vulnerable Members of Society Thrive By Hilary Dartt • Photo by Trisha Shaffer T he Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) has a simple...

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Celebrating Living

Working in hospice provides ‘tremendous’ opportunities to build relationships, improve quality of life, and appreciate each moment By Hilary Dartt • Photo by Trisha Shaffer “W orking in hospice changes your entire view of the world,” said Katie Osburn, Administrator...

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The Importance of Shedding the “Victim Posture”

Three steps to building healthier communities By Alexis Miller Stepping Stones believes building healthy communities begins with healthy families. We advocate for people to break free from all forms of victimization by shedding the “victim posture” (the feeling that...

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