What makes Prescott (and the rest of the Quad Cities) strong? What makes us unique and successful when things get tough? Our first episode attempts to answer those questions.

In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Prescott and the Quad Cities. We all started seeing the effects and the community felt the strain, but our collective community spirit and ingenuity rose in response. The writers and staff at Prescott Woman Magazine started collecting stories of that resilience and creativity and featured them in the June/July issue of the magazine, with the headline, Prescott Strong.

To further lift up those voices and our community story, Prescott Woman commissioned this oral history.

The Prescott Strong Audio Chronicle is a collage of personal reflections and reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic. We trust that you will find it inspiring and meaningful because these are the voices of your neighbors and friends.

Show Notes:

Thank you to the following women and men for contributing quotes:

  • Deputy Police Chief Amy Bonney
  • Claire Louge – Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona
  • Deputy Fire Chief Cory Moser
  • Kerry Johnson – Special Education Teacher
  • Tina Rose – Parent
  • Jim Cabral – Owner of Gabby’s Grill
  • Rachel Whisenand, Emergency Department Nurse, Yavapai Regional Medical Center
  • Ariana Bennett – Parent

Special thank you to our guests:

for sharing their trials and triumphs with us in extended interviews.

Over a dozen other local citizens contributed quotes that you can read in the current June/July issue of Prescott Woman Magazine. The issue is available in locations throughout the Quad Cities and at https://prescottwomanmagazine.com/

The following local musicians provided the soundtrack to the episode. Follow these links to more of their music:

Kelly Roberge narrated this podcast and Charles Matheus produced, recorded, and engineered it.