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Online classes now available, sign up at:

It is with a heavy heart to let you know that we decided to temporarily close BEND’ s doors until all this passes.

Right now is a tough time for small businesses. Over the last two days, my team and I worked tirelessly to develop an online platform that allows our clients to take classes from home during this closure (service is currently free with their membership)!

Keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy during this time should be a priority! To help you do this,  we are opening up our online service to anyone outside the studio who would like to practice with us!

Your support (purchasing an affordable pass) will go along way with us right now. Please keep putting whatever you can into the economy! We currently have 42 employees who depend on us for a job, and we are praying that we can pick up from this where we left off.

So I am offering you the opportunity to support our business! You can purchase one month of our online service for $20 or you can subscribe for $15! When we come out of this (stronger than ever), we will continue our online classes, but I assure you the membership won’t be this cheap.

Head here to join!

Thank you!

Sarah + Bend Hot Yoga


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March 19, 2020