“You have cancer,” is one of the scariest things a doctor can say. Even with recovery and survival rates improving drastically for most cancers, a diagnosis can be one of the darkest times for an individual and a family to go through.

In this episode, we talk with three very close sisters who are all too familiar with what cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery are like. Jodi, Jamie, and Janine have gone through it not once, but twice.

Jodi Padgett, a hard-working Financial Planner got breast cancer when she was 45 and seven years later, baby sister Janine Sass was diagnosed – also at age 45. Janine and middle sister Jamie Rygiel are both Registered nurses and provided huge support when Jodi was going through treatment and navigating the medical system.

By the time Janine was in treatment, many aspects of cancer care had improved, but all three sisters are motivated by their individual and shared experiences to continue bringing light, information, and hope to our friends and neighbors here in Prescott if and when they hear the scary C-word.

We have a candid talk with the sisters about their journey together and what they have learned about being sick, staying well, and caring for the people we love. Jodi, Jamie, and Janine are some of the most positive, energetic women we’ve met and we know you’ll be as inspired by them as we are.