When was the last time you walked into a room of your peers wearing the perfect pair of shoes for you – Just the right clothes to make you feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in the world?

For many local teens living in low-income households or families affected by addiction or homelessness, this feeling was a distant dream until they met the team at Teen Closet.  Staff and volunteers work with teens not only to find the perfect look and fit but to build relationships that let young people who are living with big challenges know that they are not alone, not forgotten.

In this episode, we get to talk with Krystal Koons and Diane DeLong about the magic of the right pair of shoes in a teen’s life and the opportunity that their personal shopping service gives them to get to know some extraordinary teens, help them find their gifts, and make our community brighter.

You’ll hear these two passionate, intelligent women explain the difference between charity and empowerment, and you’ll hear inspiring success stories about the young people they serve. You’ll also hear their concerns about the new challenges facing teens and the one thing parents should NOT do in response.

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