If you don’t travel, why not?  What’s stopping you?  Fear of the unknown or fear of all sorts of knowns?  Does it seem like too much trouble or maybe you can’t get your spouse interested?
Today we are talking with a couple of local Prescott Women who don’t let any of those things stop them from seeing the world and having rich, adventurous, and fulfilling lives.  After you hear their stories, you’ll be ready to join them.

Our guests today include Jennifer Burns, a self-diagnosed travel addict and owner of  Dream Travel Management, a travel company devoted to empowering women to travel the world in ways that work for them.  Dream Travel trips provide safety, engagement, and purpose that create more than memorable experiences – they are life-changers.

Plus, fellow travel junkie, Alexis Miller, a Prescott area resident for the last six years, Alexis serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Stepping Stones Agencies. She loves to read, cook, and travel, and as you will hear,   she’s always ready for the next adventure.

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