Alizee Laroche Langhart

By Tara Fort

Apassion for helping others through sound therapy, Intuitive Coaching, Reiki and music brought Alizee Laroche Langhart to Prescott where she started her healing practice, Journey to All, in June 2017.  She states, “I love helping others. I’ve always been a nurturer and it’s something that comes naturally to me. The greatest satisfaction in my work is the energetic exchange between me and my clients.”  Langhart considers herself an instrument of healing and provides the link that allows her clients to go from an unsettling place to one where they can find a higher level of self-worth. “My work involves a lot of trusting and ‘getting out of the way’ so that my clients can receive the real healing energy. Allowing something greater than me to work through me for someone else is a very humbling experience. I am here to assist people in healing themselves, and I’m honored to be part of that process.”

Langhart credits her journey to her discovery of sound therapy, which opened a new world for her through music, singing and dance in life-changing ways. When she lost her mother at age 9, she turned to music and dance to heal her soul and find comfort and peace after loss.  Sound therapy was instrumental in her path to her own wellness.  She later wanted to share the powerful benefits of Reiki and Sound Healing with others who suffer in similar ways and are open to alternative therapies. A dancer and songwriter, her songs can be found on her website, available for download. “I included songs for those looking for musical inspiration. Music is what lifts my soul, and I love sharing it with others.”

With the many practices of alternative healing available, Langhart feels she brings a different energy that sets her apart.  She adds, “My greatest assets are my empathic abilities to really feel into someone’s emotional world, while also using my voice as my primary sound healing instrument.” Much of Langhart’s work is with those who have experienced deep emotional pain, and those who want to feel more connected to live a more fulfilling life. “Self-discovery takes a lot of courage and looking at parts of ourselves that we might not want to see. I love helping those who are ready and willing to be the best version of themselves.”

Langhart lives with her husband, and the couple will soon welcome a new addition.  In honor of her new role, Langhart recently started a motherhood blog called The Evolving Mother, a source of inspiration and support for moms and moms-to-be. “It’s my way of empowering other women to reinvent themselves as mothers and women by trusting their deep mama wisdom.”

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