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April / May 2022 | Home & Family Edition
…and as always – Strong Women!

‘It’s a Legacy’

‘It’s a Legacy’

Harold, who passed away in February, married Lorna in 1955 in Wellington, Ohio. They moved to Prescott and opened Watters Garden Center on Miller Valley Road.

By 1965, it quickly outgrew its original Miller Valley Road location, and the Watterses moved it to a spot on Plaza Drive. In 1983, it moved again, to its current location on Iron Springs Road.

‘Truly Wild and Free’

‘Truly Wild and Free’

At first glance, an observer of Honeybee’s Adventure Time programs would see a bunch of kids playing outside: climbing rocks, trees, and mountains; building forts; jumping over (or splashing in) creeks.

But Honeybee Slayton, founder, knows that while they’re engaged in the simple act of playing, the children she spends time with are gaining invaluable experience.

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