Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona Offers Outdoor-Themed Day Camps This Summer

By Alex Heinemann

The two most important questions of the school year: “What did you do over summer break?” and “What are your plans for summer vacation?” At the end of every school year, kids plan and prepare to make stories throughout the summer season. To find that thing to do, to experience what comes next, and to capture that elusive feeling of adventure.

Summer vacation is filled with so many exciting moments and traditions for kids and families to look forward to. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona, we are proud to celebrate one such tradition where all kids can explore and grow and create their own stories to share every year upon their return to school.

The Boys & Girls Clubs are committed to providing the best thing to do after school, and that’s not just after the school day. As the 2023-2024 school year comes to an end, the Clubs are excited to announce our Summer Day Camp for 2024. It’s eight weeks of fun, excitement, and camp for all kids in our community.

We are challenging our traditional day care models and turning our Clubs into summer camp facilities. Traditional summer camps—resident and day camps—have become unattainable for many; some kids may never experience outdoor programs and the tremendous growth opportunities they provide.

Our Summer Day Camp Program is pushing the limits of a traditional Boys & Girls Club. We are striving to provide adventure and outdoor programming throughout the summer and even the school year to all kids in our community. Your community’s Club will provide field trips, outdoor skills, archery, camp crafts, team rally games and competitions, and all the wonder that comes from camp.

In addition to providing all the outdoor activities kids looking for adventure, the Clubs remain a safe indoor space for the kids who would still like to stay in and read or play ball. Our summer program mixes the energy of summer camp with the amenity of a childcare center.

Our Summer Day Camp has eight weeks available for registration. Our weekly camp sessions offer adventure Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at only $75 per week. Sign-up for the weeks you need, or the entire summer because it’s just too much fun!

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona’s Main Fundraiser: Dancing for the Stars Season 8

Our Clubs are so fortunate to be able to offer Day Camp at such an affordable price, and we must share our gratitude to the communities of Prescott and Prescott Valley as they all rally behind our premier fundraising event, Dancing for the Stars. This entertainment gala has become a treasure to our community and the success and support that comes each season generates the resources we need to provide an adventure every day after school. Dancing for the Stars Season 8 is coming back to the Jim and Linda Lee Performing Arts Center at Yavapai College on September 6 and 7. Come out, enjoy the show, and support our efforts in creating summer stories for all kids.