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A New Adventure

Ed and Rochelle Reifman have shared many life adventures together. They’ve been married for 42 years—after meeting on a blind date. There’s one thing they hadn’t done, though, until two years ago: build a house from the ground up.

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Remodeling: the Ultimate in Mother-Son Bonding

Ron Harvey has completed myriad home renovation projects in his lifetime, but never one quite like this. What makes this project unique isn’t the material he used or the ideas he developed; it’s the fact that the clients were his parents, Alissa and Ron, Sr.

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The Greatest Adventure

Building peace of mind and better health, through nature By Hilary Dartt • Photos by Larry Kantor When Pamela and Tony Brown selected the piece of property where they’d build their Prescott home, they chose it because, Pamela said, “the 360-degree view was quite...

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