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Teens on Stage (and Behind the Scenes!)

Prescott Center for the Arts's Teen Summer Stock Ensemble provides teens and young adults a unique opportunity to experience every facet of producing a musical As part of its ongoing mission to create opportunities for the greater community to engage in and experience...

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The Folk Sessions Summer 2018

Aussie Exes, Arizona Americana and a 17year-old making musical waves  FOLK SESSIONS AT THE ELKS THEATER “An irresistible folk-pop hybrid.” THE AUSTRALIAN ALL OUR EXES LIVE IN TEXAS SATURDAY, JUNE 2, ELKS THEATER All Our Exes Live In Texas were recently awarded an ARIA...

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Sean Gote Gallery

The Sean Goté Gallery in west Prescott has been open for about a year with artwork that grabs your attention and stimulates the senses filling every corner of the bright and open space. Now, the Sean Goté Gallery, 702 W. Gurley St., has opened a bar serving martinis...

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