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Don’t Miss a Beat! Take the ART CHALLENGE!

Challenge kicks off Prescott Center for the Art’s capital campaign, which will drive revenue and enhance local arts By Tina Boden-Blake, PCA Development Director This February and March provide an opportunity for renewal as the New Year begins and nature gets ready to...

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Dancing for the Stars – 2019 Reveal

On October 25th the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona (BGCCAZ) held the Dancing for the Stars (DFTS) Reveal Party to announce the 2019 dancers.  The party was held at the beautiful Holiday Courtyard in downtown Prescott.  DFTS began in 2017 as a fundraiser for...

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“A Christmas Story”

A Tradition Worth Celebrating - PCA’s Executive Director, Robyn Allen, Makes her Directorial Debut By Tina Blake The holidays are full of fun activities in Arizona’s Christmas City! Holiday traditions provide memories that can transcend your own existence for...

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