Local CEO of One Stage Family Theatre encourages self-expression and confidence through her nonprofit community theatre, where all are welcome to join

By Audri Baker

Tamee Niekamp started One Stage Family Theatre in July 2016, intending to reach as many people as possible while being inclusive and accepting to all who audition.

Tamee’s theatre days started twenty-one years ago when her daughter auditioned for her first play and received her first part. This kickstarted Tamee’s passion for theater and eventually led to her opening One Stage Family Theatre.

“I also love to see the process of how the plays evolve and watch the final performances on stage,” she said, adding that those performances bring “such a sense of accomplishment for all” who are involved.

About One Stage Family Theatre

One of One Stage’s main goals as a non-profit organization is to have an additional place to rehearse and build their sets.

Tamee said she is “very fortunate and grateful” to the community and so far has been able to fund One Stage’s musicals through grants, donations, and ticket sales. She’d love to see more volunteers during the shows, more grant writers, and additional funding for the company’s own rehearsal space (currently, they use Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio as a rehearsal space). Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio also partners with One Stage for choreography.

One Stage Family Theatre offers many services and products. More than 60 children audition for each show in the children’s program, and Tamee and her team find roles for every single one. Scholarships are available. One Stage isn’t just for children; it also offers family musicals through which they teach confidence and self-expression.

This local theatre gives back to the community by offering complimentary tickets to local organizations. They have donated to pet rescues, local shelters, and clubs. The theatre also offers scholarships so that anyone can participate in their productions.

When asked if there was anything that she wished more people knew about One Stage Family Theatre, Tamee said, “Come out and support the cast,” whose payment comes in the form of audience support and applause.

Aside from acting onstage, there are also many volunteer opportunities to get involved, including working with set design, lighting, and backstage tasking.

One Stage Family Theatre has a complete run of shows for 2024, with plans in the works for 2025.

Learn more at https://onestagefamilytheatre.com or https://www.facebook.com/onestagefamilytheatre.