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5 Myths About Your Baby and Eating.

Well-meaning grandparents… baby blogs … and moms with older children—they’re all ready to serve up ideas on when and how to introduce your baby to solid foods. Before taking any well-intentioned advice, read these five common myths about babies and their transition to...

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The Real Secret to a Long, Happy Life

Social integration plays an important role in keeping adults mentally, physically, and emotionally fit The secret to living a long, healthy, and happy life may come as a surprise. The number one predictor of how long someone will live isn’t physical activity or a...

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Jean Phillips: Building a Life and a Community

The year was 1948. Prescott – a town of about 6,000 – was getting on its post-war feet: building roads, opening schools and modernizing medical care. “When Mel and I arrived, the physicians were still pouring ether for anesthesia,” said Jean N. Phillips. “Mel...

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