Local practitioner uses specific methods to help clients feel great and lose weight for life

By Dr. Emilie Wilson, owner, Sanos Wellness

Jess had premenstrual migraines, debilitating fatigue, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, near-constant body aches, and weight gain which were all devastating her quality of life.  Together we discovered that her blood sugar was unstable, which drove fatigue, and that she had problems processing estrogen, which caused cyclical inflammation that made migraines and body pain blow up and also worsened her Hashimoto’s.

So we created an individualized plan for her. Jess lost weight right away and kept it off, despite going on vacations and being a busy mom.  She was also migraine- and pain-free for the first time in years.

I have two favorite tools to help women lose weight for life: continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs, and functional hormone testing.

CGMs provide instant feedback on how multiple factors affect your glucose levels: including diet, sleep, exercise, stress, hydration, and more. In fact, more than 40 factors affect our blood sugar, and diet is just one of them.  Why does this matter?

Healthy blood sugar levels are essential to your cardiometabolic and hormone health.  In fact, if your average blood sugar level is climbing over time, you will spend more time in fat-storing mode and won’t be able to lose weight, even if you’re increasing your intermittent fasting window and cutting out more foods. Rising blood sugar is a silent problem: you don’t know if yours is rising until you get it assessed. While typical blood sugar tests, like what’s included in your annual bloodwork, are fine, they don’t tell you what’s actually happening moment by moment. Think of looking at a picture of a river, versus experiencing standing at its edge: you learn a LOT more by observing it!

The same is true with functional hormone testing.  While many practitioners use blood tests to assess hormones, they don’t always provide a complete picture (the exception is testosterone, which is best assessed by a blood test). For other hormones, I now use dried urine hormone testing to see how a woman is processing her hormones. Poor hormone breakdown, hormone imbalance, and/or high-stress hormone levels are hidden reasons women get stuck in fat-storing mode.

Hidden hormone imbalance is another common reason women can’t lose weight despite dieting and exercising (often excessively). When they’re balanced, hormones are magic to how you look and feel: they maintain your youth, vitality, and metabolism.  But when they’re imbalanced, they cause mood issues, sagging or inflamed skin, hair loss, trouble sleeping, cycle or perimenopausal problems, and weight gain.

My magic is helping women lose weight for life by improving their cardiometabolic and hormone health.

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