The truth about how to reclaim your health and embrace every stage of life

By Dr. Emilie Wilson

Life is meant to be full of moments and days we remember forever … even as we get older.

Most of us have a few special days we hold close to our hearts, like the births of our children or our wedding day.

For many women, the details of a wedding are etched into memory:

  • The smell of the air, and how it feels against your skin.
  • The way the light shines across the landscape to illuminate hills and valleys, vibrant flowers crowning reception tables, the smiles and bright eyes of the people you love.
  • How you look and feel in your dress (take lots of photos!).
  • With each step you take toward your partner, feeling both nervous and sure.
  • Your first kiss as a married couple.
  • The food and drinks, are lovingly offered to guests gathering to celebrate you.
  • And how the lights sparkle as the sun sets, twinkling against a purple sky while you dance, deeply in love.

And then it’s off to the next adventure…

But too many women accept that those early-in-life experiences are when we feel our best, and that feeling unwell is inevitable, increasingly so as we age.

Too many women live with a silent fear of hormonal symptoms that can rise up unexpectedly and ruin what would otherwise be wonderful days.

These are myths:

  • Your health normally declines with age.
  • As a younger woman, it’s normal to live with difficult and unpredictable symptoms every month.
  • That your body will suffer post-baby.

As we experience life our bodies will change, yes, but the truth is, they get stronger and wiser with time, not weaker and worse.

So what can you do to embrace your stronger, wiser self?

Take control of your health.

The best day to take control of your health?

The day you wake up ready to change.

For so many of us, it’s the big, special moments in life that inspire us to reclaim our health.

Like marriage.  Or a baby.  Or a special trip.

Whatever it is that lights a spark inside you to reclaim your health and to look and feel better, celebrate it. Chase it. Catch it and then run with it, because you never know where it could take you.

You may find yourself living out the wedding of your dreams. Or stronger and fitter after your baby arrives, full of energy and love as you hold that little one close and promise to be there for her or him for a very long time. Or maybe you’ll be on a beach with someone you love, holding hands as the sun sets, full of gratitude as you take in a painted sky.

Dr. Emilie Wilson specializes in women’s hormone health and weight loss, and postpartum wellness.  Visit for more information.