Candace Lea of Pickles Lea Yoga strives to make the practice available to everyone

By Tara Fort

Wait, did I just see a pickle walking around town? Pickles Lea Yoga owner and instructor Candace Lea, a.k.a. Pickles—who often dresses up to share her love for the community and yoga—fell in love with Prescott in 2015. A good friend told her there “was great yoga and hiking” here.

She said, “I was at a place in my life where I could make the move to Arizona. I fell in love with the Prescott community and plan to remain here, probably forever.” With an active life that includes roles as Chamber Ambassador Chair and Festival of Trees Sponsor, there is no slowing down for the newly married Candace, who enjoys adventures with her husband in their diesel push RV bus, Zelda.

For those readers—like this author!—who may wonder where “Pickles” comes from, Candace shared some background: “I wrote and self-published two children’s books, Pickles, the Blue Eyed Javelina and Pickles Hits the Streets. When I was marketing the books, I changed my name on social media, and it stuck!”

Although her books sold out, most libraries around the nation still have copies available.

Her business name, then, combines that history with her new business. Candace, a practicing yogi for more than 20 years and an instructor for almost three years, explained that Pickles Lea Yoga is the only 501c3 non-profit yoga LLC in Northern Arizona, made possible by and for attendees through a donation-based pay system. “When people donate to Pickles Lea Yoga, I put the money back into our community by either creating my own fundraiser or by sponsoring local fundraising events.”

Candace, who is also a full-time Care Manager at local non-profit Susan J. Rheem Adult Care Services Center, finds gratification in both roles, and with a growing yoga community in Prescott with different teachers and locations, anyone can get the type of yoga they need. For those who may be reluctant to explore or start a regular yoga practice, Candace’s advice is, “Reach out to me and let’s talk about your reluctance. I have done yoga with new moms and dads and their babies, and with people in their 90s. I will adapt the class or the session for you!”

In addition to her classes (at the Elks Theater and Performing Arts Center), Candace also offers private sessions and party sessions, including bridal parties and birthday parties for children and adults. Candace said, “I have always been the type of person to reach out and help my fellow human. By offering donation-based yoga to the community—free if they need it to be—I am helping the world to heal.”

To find out more about Candace Lea and Pickles Lea Yoga, attend one of her classes at the Elks Theater and Performing Arts Center, visit or text or call 605.940.1607.