Prescott & Prescott Valley Communities can benefit from Day Camps, Adventure Programs, and After School Programs

After 25 years of providing youth services to Prescott and Prescott Valley communities, our Boys & Girls Clubs have been a reliable source for after-school care for all kids. We have become a staple in our society and are proud to continue to serve as many children as possible. The Clubs have always been known for doing whatever it takes to provide safe and fun facilities to the kids, but a facility is only the first step. Our primary focus for the past three years has been the rejuvenation and complete remodel of our Prescott Valley facility. Now that we have a center for impact across our community in Prescott Valley, we turn to the programs we offer and the city that has fostered, looked after, and provided for our organization for 25 years. The City of Prescott is known for its personality and character. Prescott has a unique air that cannot be described only by the people and their shared love for the outdoors. A city in an adventurous landscape is a perfect place to explore, challenge, climb, hike, bike, and be outside. This identity is so prominent in Prescott that the Clubs must strive to offer a shared message across our after-school programs.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arizona has been placed on a new path of youth development, where we are exercising every possibility to offer summer camp and day camp program activities within the after-school setting. Our van fleet has been secured for the primary purpose of adventure field trips. Our summer program has been fully converted to a Day Camp. Our adventure programs, such as mountain biking, are beginning to offer school-year sessions. While developing ground-breaking programs inside our facilities, we are embracing the most valued form of youth programming and doing our best to provide adventure for most of the school year.

A movement as exciting as this must be shared with all kids. That’s why our Clubs are driving a new narrative that we are not a typical daycare for those only in the greatest need. Our After-School program is available for any family that wants our services and those who need us most. We can serve so many and want our local communities’ families to know we are an outlet for fun, adventure, and exploration. While our academic enrichment programs and operating hours already help many families, we want Prescott and Prescott Valley to be aware of this opportunity. This is a chance to try out multiple activities and extracurriculars at a fair price and on your and your child’s chosen schedule. Join the clubs today and share our adventure.

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