A flowy single track featuring grassy plains and views of the boulders

By Amanda Lane, Owner, The Hike Shack

The Dells area is about to see lots of new trails. The latest one completed: Headwaters Trail.

To access it, I parked in the Peavine Trail parking lot on the north side (from Prescott, head east on 89A and turn right on Granite Dells Parkway. Take your first right onto Centerpointe East Drive and then another right on Side Road will take you to the large parking area. There are no facilities here at all so come prepared).

I decided to turn the trail into a large loop using the Peavine and Iron King Trails. I headed south on the Peavine and the sound of birds quickly replaced the sound of traffic. Homes now line much of this side of the trail, but they quickly disappear, and you are surrounded by some scarce pines, the occasional black walnut or cottonwood, scrub oak, and miles of grassy plains.

The real draw to this area: the granite boulders.

You arrive at the Iron King intersection after about a two-mile jaunt down the Peavine (a porta potty is located here). Head east down the Iron King Trail toward Prescott Valley. This section will take you right through the heart of the Granite Dells, where the boulders seem to tower above you in every direction. Prescott Valley does a great job at maintaining this section of the trail. There are even some old rail cars on the side of the trail. This is a mellow journey the entire family is sure to enjoy.

Just before the two-mile mark, look for the trailhead sign on the left. Headwaters Trail is 3.27 miles of single track that will take you back to the Peavine. It is a very flowy trail that winds though the grass and it is a great place to get some miles in. Eventually the trail curves back toward the new subdivision. The trail continues through the area on a dirt single track in a wash. The fences for homes keep them silent and almost hidden. Follow the well-marked signs and stay on the dirt single track until you arrive back at the Peavine. Now you are about a mile from the parking area. This approximately seven-mile round trip is kind of a long journey, but because it doesn’t involve climbing any mountains, it is easy to accomplish.

I very much enjoyed my afternoon. There are many more trails out here in the making, as well as new access points in the works. Big thanks to our trail volunteers who make so many of these miles possible.

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