Self-described ‘nature baby,’ this local entrepreneur loves everything Prescott has to offer, from natural beauty to kind, adventurous people

Prescott Woman Magazine chatted with Jennifer Burns, a multi-company entrepreneur (owner of NaturaBella Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics and Dream Travel Management, also known as AZWomen’sTravel), to find out what makes her enjoy Prescott and everything it has to offer. 

PWM: How long have you lived in Prescott? 

Jennifer: My grandparents had been in the Prescott area since the 1950s, so I grew up having spent most of my childhood summers out in the Williamson Valley area. Theirs was one of the original homes in the corridor. I can remember exploring up and down the hills with my cousins, finding endless numbers of horny toads and the occasional arrowhead. It was pretty magical. My family moved up here permanently when I started my freshman year of high school in 1993.

PWM: Why did you choose Prescott as your home? 

Jennifer: Originally my parents chose Prescott as our home so we could enjoy a slower pace of life and grow up around extended family. Of course, as a teenager, I thought moving from Phoenix to Prescott meant my life was over, but I quickly found out that the people and the kids I went to school with had a very kind and genuine spirit about them. They immediately made me feel like I was home. I can  say I was also blessed to have been able to be around my grandparents regularly as well. Now being an adult, I continue to choose to raise my own family in the Prescott area while cherishing the small-town charm and being able to explore the gorgeous natural surroundings of our forests, lakes, and hiking trails every week. I’m a small-town girl who just loves having the trees around me!

PWM: What’s your occupation? 

Jennifer: I own and run two amazing businesses. The first is NaturaBella Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics and the NaturaBella Academy. I specialize in the most up-to-date forms of cosmetic tattooing, as well as all forms of paramedical tattooing. I have more than 18 years of experience in the industry, and I am also a Triple Certified Master Instructor.  I love teaching and helping new artists find their path in this amazing field. You are truly helping clients on a deeper level of not only physical but also emotional and psychological confidence.

My second business is Dream Travel Management (also known as AZWomen’sTravel).  We are a full-service travel agency. Our specialty is our unique adventure travel groups, which allow us to take not only local Prescottonians but also Arizonans around the world on life-changing trips that incorporate a balance of body, mind, and soul into each itinerary while also including some form of giving back to that local community. We do both co-ed and women ‘s-only travel groups and have planned trips around the world to such countries as Ireland, England, Thailand, Peru, Bali, and Greece.

PWM: Do you have any kids? 

Jennifer: I have three beautiful children (who aren’t children anymore). Madison, 25, is an accomplished musician and professional canine behavioral specialist; Kacie, 20, is in her junior year at ASU for her Early Childhood and Elementary Education Degree; and Austin, 17, is a senior at PHS. They are the most amazing part of my life. I will forever be grateful and astonished at what wonderful, empathetic, and strong young adults they are.

PWM: What is your favorite thing about living in the Prescott area? 

Jennifer:  I am a nature baby at heart so any day I can escape into our forest and hiking trails or one of our beautiful lake areas makes my heart happy. There is also a unique authenticity to the community and people of the Prescott area. A genuine warmth if you will.  People will still hold the doors open for each other, make eye contact, and give a kind smile to one another. I also find our downtown courthouse area charming.

PWM: How do you think Prescott enhances your occupation and hobbies? 

Jennifer: The community of Prescott itself has been incredibly supportive over the years of both my businesses. For NaturaBella, the cosmetic business, it has been so nice having an established history in the community.  People who know me know I sincerely care for each client and their needs. The fact that my clients trust me with something so personal is something I do not take lightly.

For the travel business in particular, I feel there is a certain adventurous spirit within the majority of Prescottonians. Their laid-back nature makes for wonderful travel companions. As far as hobbies go…the outdoors is my sanctuary. When I’m not adventuring outside, I love playing competitive volleyball. The parks and rec programs we have available for the adult population here offer great opportunities for those citizens who want to remain active.

PWM: Are you working on anything new or exciting for the upcoming year? 

Jennifer: Yes! I just launched our next trip (for which we are now taking registrations). The spots are limited. I like to keep our groups somewhat intimate. It is our All-Women’s Mystical Outlander Scotland Adventure to take place in September 2024.  Think the Outlander series meets the mystical side of Scotland.  We will be exploring the ghostly side of Edinburgh, heading up to the Isle of Skye where we will be canyoning into the Fairy Pools, potentially horseback riding through the highlands as well as visiting Loch Ness to see if we can grab a peek at Nessie herself, and countless historical battlefields and castle visits just to name a few highlights.

PWM: If you could contribute to anything in the Prescott area, what would it be and why? 

Jennifer: I am so grateful you asked this. I would love to help anyone in the community who has recently gone through the battle of breast cancer. In the paramedical tattooing profession, we can tattoo back areolas for those patients who have had to have them removed. This allows these survivors to regain a sense of normality and confidence. I do this on a volunteer basis or from donations only. So please, if you’re out there and this is something that you are struggling with, reach out to me.

For more information about NaturaBella Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics, call 808.320.0117, email [email protected], or check out nbprescottmicroblading on Facebook. 

For more information about Dream Travel Management, call 808.320.0117, email [email protected], or check out AZWomen’sTravel on Facebook.