Prescott Woman Magazine chatted with Heather DeSousa, owner of DeSousa Creative, LLC, to find out what makes her enjoy Prescott and everything it has to offer.

PWM: How long have you lived in Prescott?

Heather: Just shy of 3 years.

PWM: Why did you choose Prescott as your home?

Heather: After traveling the country in my converted school bus, I made the decision to put down roots and stay put in one location for a while. I was drawn by the allure of the desert and its abundance of outdoor activities.

PWM: What’s your occupation?

Heather: Through my marketing company, DeSousa Creative, LLC, I offer digital marketing and social media management, website design, photography, videography, SEO and analytical reporting.

PWM: Do you have any kids?

Heather: No.

PWM: What is your favorite thing about living in the Prescott area?

Heather: Prescott offers outdoor experiences almost 365 days a year. Being a New Englander, I appreciate that I can hike all year long without needing to bundle up too much.

PWM: How do you think Prescott enhances your occupation and hobbies?

Heather: Prescott offers a plethora of networking for both business relationships and friendships. Each client I work with always offers at least a few referrals which keeps me busy and working with wonderful people. And thankfully people who live in Prescott either moved here or stayed here to also enjoy hiking, camping, and kayaking so I’ve made friends to enjoy the outdoors with.

PWM: Are you working on anything new or exciting for the upcoming year?

Heather: Yes! My boyfriend and I are launching the second season of our travel podcast: A Dose of Sunshine. Be on the lookout for some exciting new features and fantastic trips!

PWM: If you could contribute to anything in the Prescott area, what would it be and why?

Heather: I would love to help establish a community garden for folks who don’t have land or a yard to grow their own produce and herbs!

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