For Born To Be Wild Adventures owner Maryah Dilbeck, freedom and flexibility with family come first

By Tara Fort • Photo by Trisha Shaffer

For Maryah Dilbeck, owner of Born To Be Wild Adventures, starting a business that allowed her to spend time with her daughter while earning a living was key. “I brought my daughter to work from the beginning. Now that she’s six, she still joins me when she’s not at school. She helps with the signing of waivers and hands out paddles and vests. Her favorite thing to do is hand out glow sticks for moonlight kayaking.”

With a tiny emerging business-owner-in-training, Maryah added, “The greatest aspect of having my own business is to be able to be present, raise my daughter, and pass along my passion of adventure and nature.”

Maryah arrived in Prescott from Pismo Beach, California in 2012, and was inspired by her father — who had a similar business — to start Born To Be Wild Adventures in 2018, renting out kayaks, paddleboards, pedal boats, canoes, and e-bikes.

Like her daughter, Maryah loves the moonlight kayaking in warmer months. She said, “I started the moonlight kayaking events because I envisioned a new nighttime activity that hadn’t emerged locally before, and it has increased in popularity each year.”

Born To Be Wild Adventures operates 365 days a year, weather permitting, making Dilbeck’s life nothing short of busy. Like any successful business owner, she values the importance of obtaining certifications that will promote her business ventures and growth.

“I have always had a passion for nature and the outdoors,” she said, “and I have been able to gain more experience and certifications, including my Swift Water Rescue Certification to expand my knowledge and expertise.”

Community driven, Born To Be Wild Adventures sponsors activities for the Summit Sisters — of which Maryah is a part — and recently sponsored the Granite Creek Cleanup on Earth Day.

For those who want to go kayaking — whether a seasoned water adventurist or newbie — Born To Be Wild Adventures gets you there by dropping reserved equipment at Watson, Willow, and Goldwater Lakes, where staff members offer basic instruction before the launch, and ensure newcomers feel welcome and comfortable.

Unlike many businesses who charge hourly fees, Maryah offers a flat rate for all-day rental.

“We are so excited to now offer e-bikes as one more form for outdoor exploration, including drop off at various biking trails in the area.”

Maryah embraces the summer days ahead and said, “I feel blessed to have found this gem of a community, and I’ve realized one of the things I value most through my business is the connections I make through my guests and our collective love and enjoyment of the great outdoors.”

For more information about Born To Be Wild Adventures and how to rent for your next adventure, visit, or call 928.499.5621.