A New Set of ‘Incredibly Beautiful’ Trails Southeast of the Peavine/Iron King Intersection Provides Myriad Hiking Opportunities and Breathtaking Sights

By Amanda Lane, Owner, Hike Shack

Trail workers have gotten a lot of work done out in the Dells this past year. I had not been out there much since the summer of ridiculous temps and did not want to end. Now that it’s fall, these trails are going to be a perfect adventure.

The land to the southeast of the Iron King and Peavine Trail intersection is now home to a new set of fresh trails just waiting to be explored. The Trampus Trail, Virginian Trail, Bonanza Trail, Candy Trail, and Rattler Trail have all recently been completed and I found them all well worth the approach.

You do have to venture out several miles to from any direction to get to this area, but no matter what direction you choose, getting there is definitely the easy part. If you want to do an easy bike ride, there is a bike lock at about the two-mile mark if you come in from the Peavine parking area; you can ride there and explore the Storm trail on foot. While these trails are open to bikers, some of them are rather difficult on a bike.

Most of these trails are in and around the boulders, run through the washes, and now switch back up the side of the hills too! The Rattler, Candy, and Bonanza circuit was insanely beautiful and well-built. The switchbacks and white dots lead you right up to the top of one of the granite hills with a loop around the summit; it provides breathtaking views from every direction. On your way down, you have several loop options to consider.

There are going to be some fall colors out this way, too. There is so much adventuring to be done in the Dells. I forget how incredibly beautiful our granite rocks are. There is something to keep everyone entertained out here. The trails are pretty exposed and more technical than the Peavine. They’re well-marked to keep you headed in the correct direction, with signs at intersections and white dots on the granite boulders.

Pack a lunch, or an afternoon picnic, and roam around the new trails find a rock with a view for a break, and catch the sunset over Watson on your way back to the parking area. The sunrise out here was spectacular as well. This is a fantastic adventure.

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