Collection of trails near Peavine and Iron King intersection perfect for cool-weather hikes

By Amanda Lane, Owner, Hike Shack

The Storm Trails in the heart of the Granite Dells now have a new access point. The Gateway Trail allows users to access the Peavine Trail just north of the Iron King intersection in just a half mile. The trail starts on Old Highway 89. When heading north on 89 out of Prescott, there is a right-hand turn just after Three Sisters Consignment that takes you past the trailer park to an area with some parking.

When I ventured out, the trailhead had not yet been developed, but I have been told it is in the works. There was just enough room for a few cars to park on either side of the road near the closed-off bridge with The Hobbit and Gateway Trails starting on the other side of the bridge to the right. The Hobbit Trail is the trail to your left that takes you through a cave.  It is an optional route and reconnects to the Gateway after you pass through the cave and under the boulder bridge. The Gateway trail takes you past the cottonwoods and through the open field to connect with the Peavine.

Once I got to the Peavine, I headed south and took a quick right onto some new additions to the Storm Trail System. Elizabeth’s Trail starts here and is a 0.38-mile loop you can make using the Iron King and the Peavine. I took Elizabeth Trail to the Tom Mix Trail, which runs parallel to the Iron King and wanders through the trees. Tom Mix eventually ends at the Iron King, so I headed further east and found myself just a short distance from one of the old rail cars. This is now an intersection for the harder trails south of the Iron King and the easier Boblett Trail on the north side. I took Boblett back into the trees to loop back around to the Elizabeth Trail.

There are several cool things to see on these new trails, one of which is the reason the Boblett Trail has its name: it passes the Boblett Cemetery. It has only one burial, and the story behind it will be put on a brass plaque near the site. After rejoining the Peavine, I made the trek back across the field towards Highway 89.

My adventure was about four miles long, but very easy as far as trails go with no real elevation loss or gain. The trails were also very well signed at every intersection. This is a great option for the winter months as it is rather exposed, but the cottonwoods in the summer will make it look like a completely different trail.

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