Through a new inspirational program, the owner of Glow Realty strives to empower young women to create intentional lives

By Hilary Dartt

Carissa Maxwell is on a mission. Through her new young women’s program, Find Your Spark, the owner of Glow Realty aspires to empower girls and young women to explore who they are becoming and what they’re interested in by providing a platform to ignite curiosity.

The goal: for these young people, ages thirteen to twenty-five, to advocate for themselves and create intentional lives.

Find Your Spark will host a monthly meeting to connect young women with local businesswomen and community leaders who will answer career-related questions, educate young women, and provide insight about what it’s really like to be in their shoes every day.

“As a young person, it’s tempting to pick a direction in life that is familiar or that they think will be praised for by those closest to them,” Carissa said during a recent interview. “That makes sense. It feels safe and secure.”

Find Your Spark will nurture curiosity and the exploration of different fields of study these young ladies may not seek on their own, broadening their scope. This platform will encourage attendees to think bigger, step up their investigation of what is possible, and learn from those who have experience.

As the mother of two daughters, ages eleven and thirteen, Carissa also emphasizes the importance of asking, “What are we doing to create that example of balance and self-care so that these young people don’t glorify being busy as a measure of worth or goodness?”

She explained that she had to make that mental shift herself, as a real estate agent. It’s a slippery slope and it’s easy to justify being hyperproductive, all in the name of reaching goals you have set to provide better opportunities for your family.

“I had to learn that I am enough, just as I am, even if I don’t kill it in production every second of every day. I had to stop associating love with performance.”

She runs Glow Realty keeping this in mind—and she’s hoping that through Find Your Spark, she can help cultivate a culture where women realize their true interests, feel comfortable to ask for what they want, and develop a deeper love for learning.

“Let’s get these girls excited and intentional about what they’re doing with their time,” she said.

As a mother, Carissa considers it her job to show her children who they can be—not to tell them who they are. That is also the goal of Find Your Spark, which is why it’s set up with choice in mind.

“Three different women in business will speak during each meeting, break-out style,” Carissa said. “So, attendees can choose who they want to listen to based on their interest level. They can also move around to each speaker if that works for them.  That way, they can maximize their chances of finding something they connect with.”

Join Find Your Spark

Find Your Spark meetings take place the second Tuesday of each month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. starting in January 2024 at The Boys and Girls Club of Central AZ in Prescott. Pizza, salad and water provided for all who attend. Call 928.202.2645 for more details or to inquire about speaking at one of these meetings.