Wine: Rafter Eleven

‘It’s an Experience’

Rafter Eleven offers wine from around the world—and so much more—in a space that feels like home

Rafter Eleven is more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience. In addition to wine, this establishment offers coffee, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, spices, comfort food, and cocktails, as well as cooking classes … and live music every Friday and Saturday evening.

The shop carries wines from all over the world, and people can enjoy them in an atmosphere devoted to quality products and exceptional, personalized service.

Owner Dawn Wasowicz said patrons often come in for a bite and stay for hours. And, she said, “We love to serve them.”

Rafter Eleven houses dozens of wines (whites, rosés, and reds) in an ever-changing lineup. “They come in, they go out, and we get new ones. It’s a very flexible modality.”

Folks who come in can have a glass, share a bottle, or taste a flight. Although that experience can be rich in and of itself, it’s just one of many offerings available.

“We love doing cooking classes,” Dawn said, adding that the classes incorporate the store’s wines, olive oils, and vinegars with education about cooking and health.

Dawn said she and her staff enjoy recommending wines based on what people say they like or what they’re ordering to eat. Right now though, she’s enjoying the Casa del Bosque cabernet out of Chile.

“It’s smooth and velvety and it’s like going down a big velvet slide into a living room with a fireplace and a masseuse at the end of a long day.”

Rafter Eleven, Dawn said, “is about enjoying quality in a beautiful place that feels like home.”

Rafter Eleven is at 2985 N. Centre Court, in Prescott Valley. For more information call 928.227.2050 or visit

Dine: Superb Food Co.

‘A Place to Gather’

Through a varied, seasonal menu, Superb Food Co. offers comfort food with a twist

Ariel Nadelberg grew up in the restaurant industry and feels fortunate to finally own and operate her own spot, Superb Food Company. She runs the restaurant with her longtime partner Jason Shepherd and said she enjoys “the beauty of fostering a community and providing a welcoming place to gather.”

She described Superb Food Co.’s café and bar and grill—housed in separate but close-together facilities at the J Club inside Jasper—as having a “seasonal American comfort food menu with a twist.”

While she and Jason seek quality, healthy ingredients and feature tons of seasonal vegetables on their carefully curated, varied, and ever-changing menu, they’ve also become known for their Black Angus Bistro Burger.

In fact, she often recommends the burger to first timers, wanting to wow them and build their trust so they’ll try some of the more creative offerings.

One challenge of running Superb Food Co.’s Bar and Grill is that it has only outdoor seating. That comes with perks, though: the views are stunning—especially the sunsets.

Running a restaurant—choosing quality ingredients, developing a creative menu, cooking great food and offering exceptional service—is “kind of a show,” Ariel said. “There’s that production aspect. And hearing that we’ve made you happy—that takes the cake.”

Superb Food Co. is inside Jasper but open to the public. The Bar and Grill offers lunch and dinner and beer and wine (and they’re hoping to add mixed drinks soon).

Superb Food Co. is at 4700 Stillwell Parkway (in the J Club clubhouse inside Jasper), in Prescott Valley. For more information including seasonal hours and an up-to-date menu, visit [email protected].