Bean Peaks Gravity Flow System will give mountain bikers a spot for downhill adventures—with the right of way

By Amanda Lane, Owner, Hike Shack

If you haven’t heard about it, Bean Peaks is well underway!

The Bean Peaks Gravity Flow trail system is being developed about three miles south of town on White Spar Road. A gravity flow trail system involves a series of one-way trails designed for mountain bikers to be able to climb a gradual hill and then enjoy a series of trail options to descend.

Some trails will involve more technical features, while others will allow beginners to get a taste of technical features that can also be rolled over at slower speeds.

The idea is to give mountain bikers a place to safely enjoy some faster downhill riding without the concern of yielding to other users—on these trails, they have the right of way. Everywhere else in town, mountain bikers are expected to yield to all other trail users no matter what direction they are traveling. The Bean Peaks area will have trails that are designated for climbing and will be multi use; while the descending trails will be one direction single use trails for mountain bikes only. Signs and user education materials will be a major component to ensure the safety of all users.

Professional trail builders have been brought in to help with the design of this complex system—a one-million-dollar project—which will be built in three phases and include roughly seventeen miles of trails. Phase one is complete, and phase two is well underway.

The old trailhead located next to the White Spar Campground is in for a large update as well. This will be the site of the new Bean Peaks Trailhead and will still provide access to the already abundant trail system on this side of town. Updated parking includes space for horse trailers and new facilities; there should be space for everyone to enjoy this trailhead.

The project is a joint initiative of the Prescott National Forest, the Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance (PMBA), the City of Prescott, and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

The community is contributing in many ways, too. Local volunteers have spent hours upon hours to complete actual trail work through trail building workdays. The Over the Hill Gang is building the upward trail system (what would we ever do without them?). Many others are investing their time to see the project completed. Fundraising events have been in the works for some time now and will continue. Money from grants and private donations is also funding the project.

There are still more workdays ahead; if you want to volunteer to be part of the process go to and scroll down to Trails Volunteers.

The trails are an incredible system of downhill adventures; they will wind through the Bean Peaks area and include kickers, jumps, berms, tabletop rock features, drops and much more. I had a chance to pre-ride a couple of the trails and was blown away by what I found. The climb was easy, and something I know I will be doing over and over.

This trail system is like nothing I have ever ridden. I was smiling from ear to ear as I picked my way through the web of trails. There are different hubs as you climb or descend offering as many as six different trails to choose from at each hub. There is truly something for everyone. The trails are even designed for adaptive hand-peddled bikes.

This will be the first system of its kind in Arizona and is sure to attract a lot of attention. I was at a loss for words when I finished my first Bean Peaks descent, and I cannot wait to ride all of the trail options!

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