Tips for infusing your life with determination—and creating greater success

By Leslie Zann

Women view the world through a uniquely feminine lens. The roles we play are often customary and inevitable. Centuries-old barriers continue to squelch our strength, ability, and potential. When we veer from the expected path, criticism can be harsh.

If you want greater success, you can’t keep thinking, saying, and doing the same things.

By thinking differently, you will act differently. You will act with Badassery … and you will create different results.

I define Badassery as “the art of bringing a determined attitude into any area of your life!”

When we move in the direction of our dreams, irrespective of obstacles, negativity, or disapproval, we harness the energy of Badassery.

My Badassery was forged by trials.

I lost everything when my home burned to the ground. I suffered infertility. Survived sexual abuse. Endured a life-threatening illness. Tolerated toxic work environments. Grieved the loss of my marriage.

Badassery is an unshakable toughness that allows us to move through hard times with strength, courage, and conviction. And compromise, too. You may compromise or course correct–you never quit.

Badassery requires gratitude and humility as well. It’s not achieved by reaching our goal at any cost but by reaching it while becoming a better woman. We exhibit true grit with grace.

So how do you harness Badassery? The answer is simple, yet always underestimated.

Do the work! The Personal Development (PD) work.

Influencer Jim Rohn said it best: “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

PD means working on you. It’s the process of opening yourself up to new ideas and discoveries that ignite Badassery.

Invest a minimum of thirty minutes every day to feeding your mind with positive information and experiences that inspire you. Working on yourself is Badassery 101.

If you aren’t happy with the way things are in any area of your life–from career to health, from relationships to creative expression–a daily PD practice can create a shift in all areas.

And if your first thought is, “I don’t have time,” I invite you to reconsider. If you were convinced taking just thirty minutes a day would help create positive, miraculous changes in your life, you’d make the time.

Start with reading books to help you understand you; your thought processes, your intuition, and your inner guidance.

PD books ignite Badassery. When circumstances cause you to freeze in fear, you face your demons. When situations push the play button on that tape in your head that recites long-standing stories of lack and disbelief, you bravely record over them with new stories of abundance and conviction. When you are stuck, you muster the courage to charge forward in the direction of your dreams.

It’s time to think and act differently. Act with Badassery!

Leslie Zann is a Prescott resident and sought-after keynote speaker. She founded Leslie Zann Consulting in 2012 and has presented to more than 100,000 people around the world. Her mission is to motivate people to get unstuck, stop settling for less than they desire, and live their best life at any age! Her latest book, Outrageous Achievement, is a Number One International Bestseller on Amazon. Email her at [email protected] or visit