Suze’s Prescott Center for the Arts

Prescott Woman Magazine sat down with Ali Cassidy, SPCA Board of Directors member, to learn why she supports the arts in Prescott.

PWM: How long have you been on the SPCA Board of Directors, and what are your goals for your term?

Ali: I am in my fourth year on the Board. Getting the new Arts Center built and ready to serve the community is the biggest goal right now. One thing the pandemic taught us is that the arts are critical to the life of the community. Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Robyn Allen, we were able to “pivot,” serve the community in other ways and survive … but we need the arts! Real opportunities for people to gather, experience and reflect are what build a community. The new building will expand our mission and strengthen us for the future with an outdoor amphitheater, an intimate theater in the round and a fine art gallery. These and the other spaces for creating and learning will be what sustains us for the next 50 years.

PWM: Are you an artist as well? If so, what is your medium/style?

Ali: PCA welcomed me when I got the itch to be onstage again after being very involved in theater as a child and through high school. I love acting but don’t pretend to be an “artist” in that department! One of the creative areas I have connected to recently is personal storytelling.  This involves teaching people how to craft a story about something important that actually happened to them and share it with others in a performance. When we share these kinds of stories from the heart, we can break down barriers and build compassion for each other. Prior to joining the SPCA Board, I started a storytelling organization to further this vision.

PWM: What are some of your goals for SPCA in the upcoming year?

Ali: I would like to make personal storytelling performances a regular offering at PCA in 2022. We had our first show in October, focused on the theme of experiences with the strange and supernatural and it was well received. I would also like to offer some workshops on this art form to get more people involved in sharing their stories with the community.

PWM: What do you do when not involved with PCA (hobbies, family, groups, etc.)?

Ali: I am a clinical social worker and I run psychiatric rehabilitation programs at our local VA Hospital.  As an Army spouse, I love the mission of serving veterans! In addition to working in the Theater, I love hiking and have recently taken up diamond art, which could be described as a cross between paint by numbers and paining on velvet with little jewels. Sounds cheesy perhaps, but very meditative and sparkly!

For more information about Suze’s Prescott Center for the Arts and how to contribute visit or call SPCA at 928.445.3286.