The inspiring story of a local woman—and yoga boutique owner—sharing the practice’s positive impacts

By Katie Chatham

Life can be chaotic. It can be a challenge to find serenity. Harmony Fonseca, owner of Mystic Harmony Yoga Boutique in Prescott, knows this all too well. In her early twenties, she discovered yoga, which gave her strength, calm, and life.

But in her late twenties, Harmony experienced a neck trauma that immediately put a stop to nearly everything she did – hobbies, work, and worst of all, yoga.

After months of hard work rehabilitating her neck, doctors allowed her to reintroduce yoga into her life. She started practicing at a local studio regularly. She’d gained weight during the time she spent healing, and she remembers comparing herself to others in the class, thinking, “I am nothing.”

She was living in darkness, wrestling to gain any fragment of light back into her life.

And then came her turning point.

One day while driving through the Granite Dells, Harmony recalls feeling particularly down before suddenly becoming overwhelmed by a sense of strength and renewal – and she determined in that moment that, “No! I can do this!”

Inspired by her role model, international yoga teacher Rachel Brathen, she set out to complete a 30-day yoga challenge. That challenge brought Harmony out of the darkness and into a new light.

“I found my voice. I found myself. I realized my value,” she says.

No longer wanting to live in the shadows, Harmony decided to share her journey. Family rallied around her and invested in all she was doing and became her biggest support. After becoming a certified yoga instructor, her entrepreneurial spirit and being a “mystic at heart” brought to life Mystic Harmony Yoga Boutique.

Harmony’s desire for the boutique is to bring light and life to everyone she encounters.

“The dark brought me to who I am now,” she says. “I don’t need to be afraid of it.”

Harmony offers the following to yogis of all experience levels; classes; books to stay inspired; crystals to bring light, life, and energy; Mala beads for prayer and meditation; teas and health products to bring renewal from the inside out. And of course, there are the clothes she carries at her boutique – one of the major brands being Alo Yoga.

In addition to the classes she teaches, Harmony also hosts events that incorporate astrology and even psychic mediums.

On her holistic perspective, Harmony says, “This is not just yoga…It’s also about spiritual life. There’s much more to life than this small box. Life is infinite, the world is infinite. We are infinite. I just want to share my life, my journey, and to help others on their journey.”

Mystic Harmony Yoga Boutique is located at 210 S. Montezuma Street in Prescott. For more information visit