By K.G. Wells

How do you decide what direction to go when you really don’t know where you’d like to be?  That feeling of being “stuck” when trying to choose whether to renovate your existing home or sell it and buy new is not uncommon.  It can be frustrating and scary trying to make the right decision for you and your family.  Don’t get bogged down.

You might find it surprising to learn that many people already know in their hearts what they really want to do when they stop worrying and think about it.  Either they love their current home and just want to make updates and modifications that will add to their comfort for the next several years, or they know they want the change that a new home will provide.

Regardless of your inclinations, it is still a good idea to have a qualified Realtor you can call on.

Get Professional Help

and Ask Questions

Are you thinking of:

a) renovating to improve your home

enjoyment for years to come or

b) renovating for resale?

Before making any decisions, you should start by talking to a licensed real estate agent. An agent can get you comps for nearby properties giving you a good idea of your home’s market value.  Get estimates from licensed contractors for proposed renovation costs. Do you have equity in your home?  Do you need a loan for renovation and upgrades or do you have the money in the bank? How many more years do you want out of this house?  How much can you get for it if you sell it and how much do you want to spend on the new one? What is the current home market and what are interest rates right now?   What kinds of financing are available? Is it better to buy a resale home or a newly-built home? Numerous, yet, important questions you need to ask – the answers to which can impact the direction you take.

Keep That Professional

Help Coming

If you’ve decided to sell your current home and are considering making renovations to up its market value, it pays to be a smart, informed consumer.  Using the knowledge and experience of a good Realtor can make that whole process a great deal simpler, and they can guide you as to what will actually make a difference in your bottom line and what won’t.  For example, you don’t want to install all new vinyl flooring in a $600K home or a gold toilet in a $150K home.  Big no-no. Those are exaggerated examples, of course, but a good Realtor can save you excessive pain, suffering and time while helping to ensure you get the best price possible for your home.  And then there’s looking for the new home.

The Hunt

The hunt for your new dream home can be trying and time consuming.  It can also be made a much better experience if you have an experienced and caring Realtor.  By caring, we mean someone who takes the time to ask you questions about your lifestyle, what you want – in detail, and listens.  Knowing what you desire in a home, the lifestyle you’re looking for and what you can afford means your Realtor can better screen for homes that meet your criteria.

Housing starts in the Prescott area are up, with resale homes and new developments all over the place.  Beautiful properties abound, so how do you find the right one for you?  Your Realtor should do the legwork and present you with new home possibilities that are just that…genuine possibilities for your new home.  Who needs to spend the time looking at homes that are outside your budget or in locations not suitable to you.  With an excellent Realtor on the hunt with you, you’re sure to bag your dream home, and even enjoy the process.

As a team, Annie Miller and Mary Jo Amos have been both National and International Award Winners in Top Sales for over 10 years.  They take pride in providing exceptional service and are always happy to meet potential clients to discuss how they can help them with their goals. Their offices are located in the beautiful New Home Marketplace at 113 W. Goodwin Street, across from the courthouse square in downtown Prescott.

Personalized Service from home sales and selection through negotiations, financing and closing.

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