Owner, Terra Sole Outdoor Design & West Alley Boutique
PAYP Advisory Committee Chair, Prescott Area Young Professionals

I was born in Sacramento, California on McClellan Air Force Base and moved to Prescott when I was two. After high school I attended Grand Canyon University and graduated with a degree in Finance and Economics. I met my husband Joe McAnally in Prescott. He is a local graduate of Prescott High School.

I developed my love and knowledge for business from my parents who started a company from the ground up. I would sit with my mother while she did accounting and play on the calculator and pretend I too owned a business. As a small child I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I was older. Not to say there were no detours on my path to becoming a business owner, but business is where my heart lead me. In July of 2009, my husband and I started Terra Sole Outdoor Design a landscaping company in Prescott. This was at the height of the recession when businesses were closing their doors, but we were opening ours. It was difficult juggling the cost of a new business and college tuition, but we created a strong business model, believed in our goal, and we never gave up.  My mom always told me “you are going to hit bumps in the road of life, but if you can endure them, they will only make you stronger and that is the time you will really find out what you are made of.” So we lived by that motto and this year we will celebrate 9 years in business.

In July of 2017 Katie Western and I opened West Alley Boutique. West Alley is a trendy online women’s boutique offering luxury clothing at an affordable price. As part of our business plan, Katie and I wanted to reach out to other wonderful business owners in Prescott, so we introduced pop up events with other local companies to support one another in business. We also have a large heart for charity, so each month West Alley features a top that supports a local charity with proceeds going straight back to them.

I am beyond blessed to co-own both Terra Sole and West Alley and I believe if you are blessed, be a blessing. I have a large passion for volunteering and helping local charities and I can honestly say that, as dedicated as I am to my companies, I am just as dedicated to the charity’s I support. I am the Co-Chair for the Women of Influence for YBBBS, Chair for the PAYP Advisory Committee, and I am a Pregnancy Counselor for the Community Pregnancy Center.  I believe that only by giving are we truly able to understand what we really have.

For more information about Terra Sole Visit www.terrasoleoutdoors.com; for more information about West Alley Boutique www.westalleyboutique.com