Local entrepreneur creates unique spaces and experiences for women and families

By Katie Marie Chatham • Photos by Brooke Photography

Dayana Moca is a force of nature. At just 23, she is a wife, mother of two, entrepreneur, real estate broker, world traveler, multilingual … the list goes on. Dayana has brought her culture and experience to Prescott, where she has settled, along with plans to bring in some exciting new business.

Creating special unique spaces for people to enjoy is how Dayana gets to live out her passion, and she and her family are doing this with their beautiful vacation rental, Moca Ranch.

“My husband poured his heart into this property so we could continue on the legacy of the original owners as well as our own!” Dayana said.

It is something of another world. The compound features seven livable units, each with its own kitchen and farmhouse/boho-style décor. The property boasts a chapel converted into a coffee lounge and theatre, a heated outdoor pool, and a gym … and a farm, which is home to a zonkey, a white pony, Nigerian goats, rescued alpacas, chickens, and the family’s two goldendoodles. There’s even a pond with many ducks and a pontoon boat.

Bringing like-minded women together is another passion of Dayana’s. She has coordinated the Shop AZ Market, a gathering for local women, which will be open in Prescott on August 14, 2021. Here, women and families can shop for themselves, their children, and their loved ones while enjoying the spoils of a donut wall, mimosa bar, and coffee.

The market’s 29 vendors—99% of them women—will offer a range of items: cloth diapers, handmade dolls, baby clothes, organic skincare products, designer clothes, and swag, all of which promotes positivity and freedom. A selection of handmade jewelry, custom décor and artwork will feature the talents of many artists and elicit warmth and creativity. Dayana has partnered with the non-profit organization Yavapai Casa for Kids Foundation and 25% of the mimosa bar proceeds will be donated to this organization.

“My overall priority and passion is homemaking!” Dayana said. She opened up about how her mother left her when she was just a baby. The void that left drives her passion for creating spaces for mothers and making the tools necessary for motherhood fun and accessible. This passion is why, amidst all that Dayana is already doing for the area, she is also opening an online boutique called Sami & Nate. The boutique features organic, handmade, and best-quality clothes for infants, toddlers, and children. “My boutique will allow me to be present with my family while pursuing my passions and to me that’s bliss!”

For more information on the Shop AZ Market visit shopazmarket.com. For information about Sami & Nate visit samiandnate.com. For information on booking the Moca Ranch visit dayanamoca.com/mocaranch