Local woman with deep family roots loves feeling like part of the community

Prescott Woman Magazine interviewed Linda Killough, Operations Compliance Administrator for Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe and Yavapai Gaming Agency, Bucky’s and Yavapai Casinos and member of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce. We learned about how much she values family, freedom, and opportunities to grow.

PWM: For how long have you been a member of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce? 

Linda: I’ve been a member through my employer, Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe and Yavapai Gaming Agency, Bucky’s and Yavapai Casinos, since Yavapai Gaming Agency joined the Prescott Chamber on May 8, 2000.

PWM: Tell us about what brought you to Prescott.

Linda: My father and grandfather were both born in Prescott.  My great grandfather, William John Bianconi, immigrated from Switzerland in the 1880s. I was born in Phoenix and raised in Prescott.  My family is deeply entrenched in the history of the Prescott area. Both of my parents, William J. Bianconi and Goldie Lacey Bianconi, are still residents of Prescott. I also have a brother and two nephews living with their families in the quad cities area. I married my husband, Paul Michael Killough, in 1986, and we relocated to Tucson and then to Layton, Utah.  I was gone from the area for about 25 years. We moved back to the area in 2015 and I started working for Yavapai Gaming Agency in December 2015.

PWM: What about the Prescott Chamber is different from other organizations in the area, and what do you personally enjoy best about being part of it?

Linda: I would not compare other organizations, but I would say the Prescott Chamber has been wonderful to work with. Sheri Heiney and her incredible team make each of us feel like family, like we are an important part of the community. They help us to reach our business potential through community involvement, which is one of the goals of our marketing team. 

PWM: Do you serve in any additional roles within the Chamber?

Linda: No, I don’t at this time.  When life slows down a bit, I would love to be more involved.

PWM: Do you have family here? Children? Other activities in which you participate?

Linda: Again, my family’s roots are in Prescott and the Verde Valley where my mother was born and raised.  I have a brother and nephew who also work for Yavapai Gaming Agency and a nephew who lives in the Quad Cities area with a thriving business in Prescott Valley.

I am a pickleball player.  As you will find with most people who give pickleball a try, I have played for about four years now and am addicted! I also enjoy anything creative, such as bead work, knitting, crochet, and wreath making. Someday I would like to delve into painting and quilting small projects. Sewing was my favorite class in junior high school, and I made much of my clothing in high school (I graduated from Mohave High School in Bullhead City).

My parents are elderly; my father, mother, and I just attended Prescott High School Class of 1945’s 50-year reunion. My parents were the only ones attending from the class of 1945. So, life keeps me busy with day-to-day responsibilities between home, work, and family. 

PWM: How are you involved in the community?

Linda: Community involvement for me is through Bucky’s and Yavapai Casinos. We are growing our community reach through both the Prescott and Prescott Valley Chambers and other fun, exciting community events. Yavapai Gaming Agency has proven to be a perfect place for me to learn, grow, and thrive these past seven years. It has been a place of family, respect, and the freedom, even the push, to grow. I am very thankful to the relationships and opportunities that have found me here and for our compassionate and caring employer, Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe.