Rodeo Trails deliver quiet and solitude right in the middle of town

By Amanda Lane, Owner, The Hike Shack

If you need a place to breathe in the middle of town, I have found your destination.

I have passed the trail signs on Schemmer Drive a thousand times, but never visited the Rodeo Trails.  While searching for a place to have lunch on a recent stressful day, those signs suddenly popped into my head … and the Rodeo Trail system was just what I needed: I found my solitude in a boulder pile right in town.

This little trail system is a total of 0.5 trail miles, open to hikers and bikers. The trails can be accessed off Schemmer Drive just down from the Miller Valley Road post office, where there is a large parking area (there is no parking along the roadway but the large lot just above the rodeo grounds has plenty of room).

The Rodeo Trail system wanders through the boulder piles with fantastic views of Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain. The famous white dots painted on the granite boulders offer guidance through the rocky terrain.

I found myself scrambling around the boulder piles in search of the perfect view, and I found it: in the sun, on top of a boulder pile in the center of this little oasis. Pines, manzanita, and oak trees shade some of the pathway on this short but entertaining adventure. The view was tranquil and surprisingly silent. It was like I had driven out of town and into the woods, but I was right in the center of roads and traffic.

The little loops and figure eights I wandered through led me into the rodeo grounds, out to Schemmer Drive, and back again.

This is a perfect quick fix for those in need of just a few minutes from the chaos.  I wandered aimlessly through the trails for about an hour after my lunch and returned to my truck ready to face the world again.  To be able to stretch my legs and take a few deep breaths was just the attitude adjustment I needed to get back to work and finish my day with a smile.

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