Medication management services can help people avoid side effects and the financial costs of taking meds improperly

By Donna Werking

About half of the people taking medications nationwide do so incorrectly. The results can be dangerous and costly.

Here are a few facts provided by Terrace Pharmacy:

  • Approximately 700,000 people experience negative side effects to their medications that result in an emergency room visit.
  • Patients who fail to take their medications properly incur an estimated $290 billion in costs each year.
  • On average, about half of patients in the U.S. do not take their medications properly and around one-third do not fill their prescription at all.

When patients take their medications correctly, their health can improve or, at minimum, they can better manage their condition. That’s why it is vital that hospitals and clinicians offer the education patients need—in terms of correct dosing and timing—to stay healthy while taking prescribed medications.

Patients need education on the right dosages to help them avoid the dangers of incorrect medication administration.

The benefits of medication management include:

  • Improved administration of all medications.
  • To better patient use of prescribed medications.
  • Reduced side effects and drug interactions.
  • Peace of mind for the patients and their families as there is assurance that medications are taken correctly.
  • Reduced illness and death.
  • Decreased medical costs (i.e. costs spent on emergency room visits and hospitalizations).

According to the American Medical Association, approximately 40% of seniors age 65 and over take at least five prescription drugs on a regular basis. This means tracking medications can be simply overwhelming.

Medication management is a necessary service that teaches simple strategies (like setting an alarm reminder when it’s time to take medication) and helps the well-being of so many individuals on prescribed medications today. Call your physician to find a medication management clinic near you that can help with your specific medication needs.