Salida View Trail #95 Offers Treasures Galore

By Amanda Lane, Owner, The Hike Shack

Out Walker Road east of town is a plethora of trails, and the Salida View Trail is probably among my favorite trails in Prescott.

The trail is just longer than four miles and makes a loop. It is abundant with wildlife, epic views, solitude, and more treasures if you look closely.  You’ll enjoy some good elevation gain as the trail takes you to the ridgeline, where the view makes you want to take your time as you travel, taking in the majestic mountains.

If you look closely at the rock formations along the creek on the eastern side of the trail, you may spot the wall of petroglyphs just off the trail.

Wildlife sightings on this trail are common.  Deer are abundant in this area, and Bald Eagles nest not far from Salida Gulch. During certain months of the year the connector trail, #94 to Lynx Lake, can be closed to protect the eagles.  Bear sightings have been known to occur as well.

Salida View is moderately difficult and does see traffic from hikers, bikers, and equestrian users.  I headed out not too long after early snow and found the patches with no snow had already dried in the sun and the patches with snow were covered with as many animal tracks as humans. The decomposed granite and rocks keep this trail from getting too muddy after a storm.  It was easy to avoid the few muddy spots in the trail by stepping on rocks or fresh snow to the side of the trail.  It takes roughly two hours to make the loop at a steady pace and is suitable for users of all skill levels willing to put in a few rewarding hours.

Reach the Salida View Trail by heading out of Walker Road just over a mile, then turn left onto Lynx Creek Road #FR9401 (this is the same road that takes you to the Lynx Creek Ruins). Drive past the parking lot for the ruins and continue down 0.8 miles to a large parking area at the end of the road.  There is plenty of room for lots of vehicles and trailers but no services.  To find the Salida View Trail, head down Trail #9263 across the creek and look for the #95 Trail on your right.

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